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“If I was to tell you that I’m still going to make you orgasm another 10 times, no matter how often those tears of over-stimulation roll down your cheeks, would it make it easier to take, or harder?”

She had wanted to explore so much with him, the promise of being restrained more securely than she’d ever experienced was too enticing to pass. Having a friend who understood her needs seemed like a blessing; it turned out that having him know her needs so well would be more like a curse. They had planned to explore her desires for pain and pleasure, though when the first attempts at pain, inflicting little elastic band induced slaps against her feet, turned out to not be to her liking, his only other avenue was pleasure. While he instantly stopped when she signalled that she wasn’t into painful play, he certainly had no intention to stop when her orgasms became too much. The arousal caused from being rendered so helpless and exposed made her body so instantly susceptible to being completely overcome with pleasure. It only took a few seconds for his fingers and the vibrator to bring her to orgasm, though the whole idea was to fully explore the limits of her pleasure, and he knew that she truly wanted to have those limits entirely tested, no matter how much she begged him to stop. The more her tears of orgasmic torture streamed from her eyes, the more she screamed in overbearing pleasure, the more he wanted to make her endure the orgasms.

“I wonder how much more intense the situation feels now that you realise that I intend to make you come until you pass out?”

Content created by: PleasureTorture

Image source from : Kink

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With ashphyxia

Rigging and photo by Jesse Flanagan (self)

Rope provided by MyNawashi

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With bondagebunnie

Rigging/photos by Jesse Flanagan (self)

Rope provided by MyNawashi

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